Message from the President


  As a national social organization, China International Association for Urban and Rural Development (CIAD) has gone through a history of more than 20 years. Its predecessor, ‘China International Association for Rural Development’, was founded in 1988 at the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China. The association was originally under the administration of Rural Development Research Center of the State Council. In 1990, it was transferred to be administrated by the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC). In 2000, CIAD was re-registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Along with the historical process of China’s reform and opening up, CIAD has been vigorously carrying out domestic and international exchanges and cooperation in the field of urban and rural development, and has accomplished a lot of valuable work.

  In March 2010, the new General Assembly of CIAD was held in Beijing at which a new CIAD statute was approved and a new leadership was elected. The event marked a new chapter in CIAD’s history.

  China’s industrialization and urbanization process has entered into a new stage of promoting urban-rural integration through overall planning and coordination of urban and rural development. This is also an objective requirement for transforming the growth mode and realizing sustainable development. Under the administration of DRC, and centering on the subject of urban and rural development in accordance with the purposes and requirements of its charter, CIAD will maintain extensive contact with domestic and foreign experts and people of all circles in an effort to actively carry out relevant social and economic policy research and consulting services, and promote the international cooperation and exchanges. We will continue to seize the opportunities, keep forging ahead with innovative efforts and strive to break new ground for the association, in order to make due contributions to the cause of the coordinated development of urban and rural areas in China.

  CIAD is willing to develop its extensive links with domestic and foreign government agencies, social groups, research institutions and business communities, and actively promote cooperation and exchanges. I hereby extend our sincere regards to all the institutions and the personalities who have kindly rendered concern and support to the work of CIAD.




                                  Sun Xiaoyu


                                  China International Association for

                                  Urban and Rural Development (CIAD)


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