President Sun met with delegates from Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development

  On Apr. 8th, 2013, President Sun met with Mr. Kristopher Sanchez, director of International Trade Department, and Mr. Maurey Bond, senior international specialist from Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development. Mr. Sun briefly introduced basic situation and major undertakings of CIAD. Mr. Sanchez introduced Nevada’s advantages on cut-edge technology research such us water purifying and climate change in desert areas, and said Nevada state government attaches great importance to the development of its diversified industries such as electronic industry, pharmaceutical industry and real estate industry, etc. Mr. Sanchez further expressed hope for future cooperation with CIAD in the economic and social development policy exchange, through which the state government can strengthen the cooperation with the Chinese government as well as Chinese enterprises. Both sides reached an agreement on furthering exchanges and building a cooperative relationship in the future.

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