The Third Session of the Fifth General Assembly of CIAD
Held in Beijing


  On December 20th, 2011, the third session of the fifth General Assembly of China International Association for Urban and Rural Development (CIAD) was held in Beijing. CIAD President Sun Xiaoyu, Senior Advisors Mr. Jin Renqing, Mr.Lu Zhiqiang, Mr. Xie Duyang, Mr. Jiang Xingsan and more than 70 representatives of CIAD members participated in the session.
  Ms. Chen Wenping, the Deputy- Secretary General, made a CIAD work report. Mr. Wang Peiheng, the Deputy Secretary- General, announced the revision of CIAD statute to all delegates. All delegates agreed to add Mr. Chen Xin, Chairman of CTV Golden Bridge Culture Development Co., Ltd, as Vice President of CIAD; adopted the newly nominated Executive Directors and Directors; and approved “Rules for the Collection and Usage of the Membership Fee of CIAD”.
  Mr. Chen Xin, the newly elected Vice President, as well as Senior Advisors Mr. Jin Renqing, Mr.Lu Zhiqiang, Mr. Jiang Xingsan and the Executive Director Mr. Xu Xiaoqing delivered speeches at the meeting. Finally, CIAD President Sun Xiaoyu made the concluding remarks.
  The session achieved a great success.


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