China International Association for
Urban and Rural Development

  China International Association for Urban and Rural Development (CIAD) was formerly “China International Association for Rural Development”, which was founded in February, 1988 at the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China (MFA). Its competent authority then was the State Council Research Center for Rural Development (RCRD). The first President was Mr. Du Runsheng.

  In 1990, China International Association for Rural Development was transferred to be administrated by the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC). The association was renamed as China International Association for Urban and Rural Development (CIAD) in October 1991. Mr. Wang Yuzhao took up the post of President, and Mr. Du Runsheng was Honorary President. Later Mme. Zhang Hanzhi took over the post of President in June 1999. In January 2000, Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China approved China International Association for Urban and Rural Development (CIAD) to re-register as a national social organization.

  In March 2010, a new General Assembly of CIAD took place, at which a new CIAD statute was approved and the new leadership of the association was elected.

  The mission of CIAD is to carry out the research and consulting services as well as international and domestic inter-regional exchange and cooperation, with regard to issues around the subject of the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of China’s urban and rural areas,and on the premise of complying with the Constitution, laws, regulations, national policies and social morals standards.

  On the subject of promoting the overall planning and coordinated development of China’s urban and rural areas, and other related topics, the association relies on the expertise of DRC and other related domestic and foreign experts to do the following undertakings:

  CIAD conducts special investigation and research, and timely proposes relevant policy recommendations and schemes;

  CIAD organizes various special seminars and international conferences with the participation of relevant domestic and foreign personalities of all circles to promote international cooperation and exchanges;

  At the specific requests, CIAD holds professional seminars and workshops, provides policy consultation and conducts special research projects for relevant foreign economic and social organizations and personalities that come to China for visits, study, exchanges, and investment;

  CIAD organizes study missions to visit relevant countries and regions for related learning and study;

  CIAD carries out cultural and educational activities closely related to urban and rural development and organizes thematic training courses and seminars;

  CIAD supports and supplements the work of economic and social policy research of DRC, and accomplishes other tasks assigned by DRC.

  CIAD’s working team includes the Secretariat, Liaison Department, Research Department and Program Department, to be responsible for handling daily affairs.


Implied Meaning of CIAD Logo

  • The CIAD is the simplified abbreviation of China International Association of Urban and Rural Development;
  • The semi oval at the lower part symbolizes the Earth implying the international nature of CIAD;
  • The blue CIAD signifies the urban areas where workers are the major component part, while the green semi oval signifies the fields in rural areas, the two colors going together implying the coordinated urban-rural development which is the theme of CIAD;
  • The blue sky and green fields tally with the environmentally friendly idea;
  • The logo is in a pithy and prudent style and has a sense of the times.


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