Is it Legal to Order Modafinil Online?

The Modvigil Blog figured this would be a good topic to discuss as demand around Modafinil continues to grow. It’s a subject that is often brought up on websites that sell Modafinil. My opinion is that asking the salesman if what you’re doing is legal is basically like asking an addict if he has a problem: He’s not going to say no. So I would like to give you an unbiased opinion.

As there are countless countries with their own arbitrary rules, this post is going to focus on a few of the key markets, but leaves out a lot of countries. Always check with your local authorities. Most online retailers of Modafinil will post a warning when purchasing from a country that frequently has shipments seized. This is of course because it is in their best interests not to have unhappy customers. Take these warnings seriously, as they generally mean that officials are likely to catch your shipment and keep it.

Importing Modafinil in the USA

The US has some very confusing laws. First of all, it is strictly illegal to import a medicine that another country has already imported. So if you order from Canada, and Canada got it from Germany, then it’s illegal, regardless of the item. Secondly, it’s illegal to import anything from another country that hasn’t been approved by the FDA. This includes generics such as Modafinil, as their specific generic mixture hasn’t been tested/approved by the FDA.

So in a nutshell, you generally just can’t bring medicine in unless you do so in person, have a valid prescription for it, and acquired it in the foreign country. This is called a “travel allowance” and permits up to a 90 days’ supply for people with a prescription.

Now, will you get in trouble for importing this medicine? The short answer is no. The FDA has consistently focused on the distributors, and not the individual. Throwing grandma in jail because she was buying her arthritis medicine online doesn’t look good for any politician. If your package is seized, it will simply disappear.

A word of legal advice: If you are questioned, never admit to buying the product online. Nobody can prove that you actually bought it without a warrant requesting your credit card records. Just because it was being sent to your name and address doesn’t mean you bought it, maybe a well-wishing family member sent it to you. As long as you are not importing massive quantities for resale, the odds of anybody knocking on your door are about 1 in a million.

The good news is that the US postal system is massive. Millions of shipments occur every day, and it’s impossible to check them all. So plenty of things slip through the cracks. Still, order knowing that your product may not arrive.

Importing Modafinil in the UK

The UK is surprisingly lax in comparison with the USA. People can import up to a 6 months’ supply of any prescription only medicine, regardless of its origin. This includes Modafinil. Pretty simple! Same goes for importing medicines in person.

Importing Modafinil in Europe

Europe is a little bit tricky, as each country has slightly different laws regarding which items are prohibited and which aren’t. What is classified in one nation as a prescription medicine may be OTC in another. However the main rule is that importing medicine into an EU country via mail is fine as long as the country comes from another EU country. However, importing from outside (India for example) may not be allowed. Each country enforces things to different levels. Germany is notoriously difficult for example, while Holland and France are more favorable. Check your own country’s rules, or use a reshipping service that allows the package to come from a trusted EU country.

As always, do your own research. Look around on forums for your country, surely there will be other people who have tried to import a medicine from abroad. Realize that the only real risk is a small financial loss, as to date nobody has gone to prison for importing Modafinil. If you are comfortable with that risk, then place your order with a reputable website that provides refunds in the event of a seizure.

You can always mitigate your risk by ordering smaller quantities and using reshipping services that improve the quality of the packaging. This can reduce the chances of your package getting noticed, and in many cases can guarantee delivery.

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