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Can Modafinil Help with Depression?

The Modvigil Blog continues to examine the potential applications for Modafinil. Despite its lengthy existence, it seems that we are just beginning to discover the true potential of this pill for a number of complicated disorders. Recently I posted an

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Can Modafinil Help your Child with ADHD?

In light of the recent articles popping up about a clinical trial revealing Modafinil’s “inefficacy” (a subject which was denounced here on this blog), I felt compelled to seek out some other clinical trial results to explore some of the

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Modafinil Doesn’t Make You Smarter, or Does It?

A recent study has been circulating recently in the news and has remarked that Modafinil is probably not that effective at increasing your intellectual ability or improving performance. Seeing as Modafinil has been selling at an ever-increasing pace with over

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Modafinil in the Sports World

For fans of the UFC, you might have seen a report that has just recently come out with 4 athletes from the sport being suspended for violating the California State Athletic Commission’s substance abuse policy. One of them, Rob Emerson,

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Professional athlete using Modvigil

Here is another True User Review in the A MODified Life series. This series highlights how Modafinil can revolutionize your life from top to bottom. Here’s a very interesting example: Where do I begin? I’m a former professional athlete who’s

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Modup’s Modvigil Modifies My Life

Here is another review in the A MODified Life series of True User Reviews. This series is dedicated to showing how Modafinil can benefit your life in numerous aspects, not just work and education. When it comes to the modafinil

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