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Is it Legal to Order Modafinil Online? The Modvigil Blog figured this would be a good topic to discuss as demand around Modafinil continues to grow. It’s a subject that is often brought up on websites that sell Modafinil. My

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Court Decision Should Make Modafinil More Available

A few months ago a court case was brought to the Eastern District of Pennsylvania regarding Modafinil. The case was decided just last week, and after sifting through some legalese, The Modvigil Blog is here to report the results. First,

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Do Brain Enhancing Drinks Really Work?

The Modvigil Blog doesn’t just limit itself to Modafinil related stories and subject matter. This blog has discussed the fallacy of using fake drugs seen in the movies such as 21 Jump Street. We’ve looked at other stimulants as well.

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How to Avoid the Side Effects of Modafinil

While Modafinil is well tolerated by almost all of its users, some people occasionally report minor side effects. The Modvigil blog has pored through numerous user reviews, read many forum threads, and engaged with a large number of people who

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How can Modafinil Help Workers with Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD)?

The Modvigil blog has recently examined some prospective uses for Modafinil. Today we will be looking at one of the on-label uses for Modafinil, that is to say one that doctors actually prescribe the drug as treatment for Modafinil’s potential

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Can Modafinil Cure Cocaine Addiction?

The Modvigil Blog continues to explore potential uses for Modafinil. After discussing how Modafinil can help with fatigue related to MS and Cancer treatments, as well as how it may prove useful for depressed adults and children with ADHD, I’d

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Can Modafinil Help Cancer Patients?

The Modvigil Blog continues examining different uses and applications for Modafinil. Recently, a study has shown that Modafinil could be beneficial for cancer patients. We’ve also discussed how Modafinil can help Multiple Sclerosis Patients, Children with ADHD, and people suffering

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Can Modafinil Help Patients with Multiple Sclerosis?

The Modvigil blog continues to investigate alternative uses for Modafinil. We’ve looked at Modvigil for ADHD, and even taking Modvigil for depression. This article addresses another area where Modafinil may prove useful: Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis, often abbreviated MS, is

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Can Modafinil Help with Depression?

The Modvigil Blog continues to examine the potential applications for Modafinil. Despite its lengthy existence, it seems that we are just beginning to discover the true potential of this pill for a number of complicated disorders. Recently I posted an

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Can Modafinil Help your Child with ADHD?

In light of the recent articles popping up about a clinical trial revealing Modafinil’s “inefficacy” (a subject which was denounced here on this blog), I felt compelled to seek out some other clinical trial results to explore some of the

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