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Modafinil, much like any other medication these days, is easily found via online vendors. These vendors usually distribute Modafinil from its place of origin or from their warehouses, and ship directly to the address of your choosing. Modafinil is relatively inexpensive when purchased online, and larger orders are more economical since long distance shipping can often cost nearly as much as the pills themselves. Orders can be as low as a 2 week supply or as high as a 3 month supply in some cases.
Many countries allow you to import medicines for personal use, so you can legally import Modafinil from another country. However it’s a good idea to check with your local laws to ensure that your order arrives as expected. This may include customs declarations and taxes. The online distributor is not responsible for any fees that must be paid upon arrival.
When buying from an online vendor you should do your research. There are scams and illegitimate sites that actively try to take advantage of the current high demand for Modafinil. Be wary of newer websites that do not contain a lot of information about the medicine. A reputable site provides its customers with all the information they need to make an educated purchase, and will openly tell you about possible side effects or potential problems. They will not advertise Modafinil for everyone, but rather for the people who should be taking it.

Be sure to look around for reports from previous customers. Many of these can be found on forums or other community based websites. A good vendor will direct you to trustworthy reviews, but be cautious if all you can find are the short blurbs on the side bar of their website. You can find plenty of these in our True User Reviews section.
Online payments can usually be made with credit cards. Some vendors accept Paypal. There are also vendors who will accept bank deposits made in certain countries. Recently Bitcoin and Litecoin have become popular payment methods and some online retailers allow you to use those as well.
Many vendors will ship to most countries. However some countries have proven difficult to send pharmaceutical products to. In these cases there is an “order at your own risk” policy in effect, which means that you may not be eligible for a refund if your order doesn’t arrive. Again, good vendors will be very transparent about their shipping methods and what countries they will or won’t ship to.
Don’t be overwhelmed by the choices, simply investigate and try to find a seller that has what you’re looking for at a good price, backed by established customer service. Be patient when placing an order, as shipping may take a while if you are overseas from the vendor’s location. In some cases orders may take as long as a month to arrive, but in the end you will usually get your order without issues.
Happy shopping!

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