Can Modafinil Help Patients with Multiple Sclerosis?

The Modvigil blog continues to investigate alternative uses for Modafinil. We’ve looked at Modvigil for ADHD, and even taking Modvigil for depression.

This article addresses another area where Modafinil may prove useful: Multiple Sclerosis.

Multiple Sclerosis, often abbreviated MS, is an extremely challenging chronic condition that affects its victims throughout their entire lives. Over 2 million people deal with MS, and it’s a condition that has no cure. If you’re here reading this you’re likely already well acquainted with the mechanical details of this disease, but for the uninitiated here is a quick review.

Multiple Sclerosis is a problem with the nerves in your spinal cord and other parts of your body. Think of the nerves as wires, which transmit electrical impulses. Nerves are essentially organic wires. Now, a wire needs to have a protective coating to prevent short circuits and signal loss. Nerves also have this type of insulation. MS occurs when that insulation is missing, causing unpredictable problems with the brain’s communication to other parts of the body.

As a result one of the most common symptoms of MS is difficulty controlling muscles. This can make walking difficult or even impossible, and also can cause problems with speech and fine motor control in the hands and arms. For a patient this means that even simple basic activities such as brushing your teeth or getting a glass of water require extra effort and concentration. It’s easy for healthy individuals to take this for granted. We perform dozens of mundane activities every day without a single hitch, and rarely appreciate it. MS patients may spend ten times the energy and effort to do the same task. Now imagine compounding that effort times the number of things you must do in a day, times every day of the year.

How Can Modafinil Help People with MS?

Researchers are looking to see if it is possible to use Modafinil to reduce the fatigue that often is associated with MS. As mentioned, that extra effort and concentration that MS patients need to have day in and day out takes its toll on the body and mind. Exhaustion and fatigue are common among MS patients, and this limits their ability to accomplish more tasks in a typical day. This in turn has an impact on the amount of freedom and independence they have. The less you can do, the more someone else has to do.

Modafinil, as is already well known, is an excellent tool for fighting fatigue and tiredness. Whether you need to stay awake all day, or concentrate hard for a study session, Modafinil has proven itself useful in a wide variety of situations. Researchers are looking to see if Modafinil can fight fatigue produced by other conditions. The results for cancer-related fatigue revealed mixed results.

The idea is that Modafinil can help patients to overcome their fatigue and exhaustion and continue to be more productive and self-sufficient despite their condition. The concept isn’t entirely radical; obviously if Modafinil can do this for the average Joe it should be useful for other people.

Does Modafinil Reduce Fatigue in MS Patients?

A 2000 study revealed Modafinil was beneficial and beat placebo in terms of reducing patient fatigue. A 2005 study later seemed to disprove this, but doctors and other researchers denounced it as a poorly conducted experiment. Most of the trials conducted have been smaller pools of patients and have shown mixed results, but most of the results appear to be positive. There haven’t been any negative reactions or harmful side effects.

In 2010, doctors went back through hundreds of patients’ files and looked to find out exactly how beneficial Modafinil is for MS patients.  The results would indicate that Modafinil IS in fact very helpful for MS patients, especially when they experience excessive daytime sleepiness. The doctors reviewing the cases were surprised to find that nearly 70% of the MS patients who reported fatigue as a problem also had this excessive daytime sleepiness. That group benefited much more from Modafinil than the rest. However almost all the patients found it helpful, and many of them continued taking Modafinil for more than a year.

So it’s clear that Modafinil can help MS patients with fatigue and tiredness. But could Modafinil help MS patients in other ways? A new study is currently wrapping up which is going to confirm whether Modafinil is beneficial for memory and learning. Many MS patients have difficulty recalling things from memory, which of course makes learning difficult. The idea is that since Modafinil has shown to be helpful in this regard for students, thus it may also prove useful for MS patients.

The clinical trial is complete but the results have yet to be posted. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes. The trial was launched due to incidental observations of patients taking Modafinil. Some patients showed mental improvement. This study looks to get some hard data on that subject, and hopefully it finds good results.

Should an MS Patient Try Modafinil?

If you or someone under your care is an MS patient and experiences fatigue and sleepiness, especially during the day, then it might be good to ask your doctor about Modafinil. Of course when dealing with a complex condition such as MS, it’s always best to follow your doctor’s orders and dosage instructions. For MS patients results were best with lower doses of Modafinil. They found that 100-200mg daily was ideal.

As more news about Modafinil’s applications arrives this blog will continue to keep you up to date on the latest developments. It’s exciting and fascinating to see these new developments take place. Bookmark The Modvigil Blog to stay on top of the Modafinil scene.

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