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Is it Legal to Order Modafinil Online? The Modvigil Blog figured this would be a good topic to discuss as demand around Modafinil continues to grow. It’s a subject that is often brought up on websites that sell Modafinil. My

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Court Decision Should Make Modafinil More Available

A few months ago a court case was brought to the Eastern District of Pennsylvania regarding Modafinil. The case was decided just last week, and after sifting through some legalese, The Modvigil Blog is here to report the results. First,

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Do Brain Enhancing Drinks Really Work?

The Modvigil Blog doesn’t just limit itself to Modafinil related stories and subject matter. This blog has discussed the fallacy of using fake drugs seen in the movies such as 21 Jump Street. We’ve looked at other stimulants as well.

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Modafinil Doesn’t Make You Smarter, or Does It?

A recent study has been circulating recently in the news and has remarked that Modafinil is probably not that effective at increasing your intellectual ability or improving performance. Seeing as Modafinil has been selling at an ever-increasing pace with over

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Buy Modafinil

Modafinil, much like any other medication these days, is easily found via online vendors. These vendors usually distribute Modafinil from its place of origin or from their warehouses, and ship directly to the address of your choosing. Modafinil is relatively

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Where can you get Modvigil?

If you like what you’ve read about Modvigil so far, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s easy to get. These days when shopping online it’s important to find a reputable vendor. While it’s not the only site out there,

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