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Do Brain Enhancing Drinks Really Work?

The Modvigil Blog doesn’t just limit itself to Modafinil related stories and subject matter. This blog has discussed the fallacy of using fake drugs seen in the movies such as 21 Jump Street. We’ve looked at other stimulants as well.

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WHYPHY, Why you Shouldn’t Try to Find It.

Recently we talked about the latest movie-related fake drug craze, CPH4, the star of the film Lucy. Despite evidence pointing out how this drug is not only completely unreal but also potentially harmful to order and use, people are still

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Modafinil Vs Other Stimulants: Caffeine, Ephedrine, and Ritalin

Today we’re tackling another common question asked by many curious customers. How does Modafinil compare to other common stimulants on the market? First of all we chose stimulants that are legally available, ruling out narcotics. Secondly, we chose products that

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