Modafinil Doesn’t Make You Smarter, or Does It?

A recent study has been circulating recently in the news and has remarked that Modafinil is probably not that effective at increasing your intellectual ability or improving performance.

Seeing as Modafinil has been selling at an ever-increasing pace with over $700 million dollars of profit being netted annually, the question remains: Who is right? Is this study the definitive nail in the coffin for a pill that millions of people are taking? Would so many people take it if it weren’t effective? This article is a thorough response to that study, and the hordes of blog posts aiming to take down Modafinil with the results.

The premise of the study is fairly simple. Other experiments with Modafinil tend to show improved performance correlated with slower response times. The hypothesis is that reduced response times reduce impulsiveness, allowing you to think more clearly about your action before performing it. Therefore the pill is not really making you smarter, just less likely to blurt out the wrong answer, and more likely to tap into your knowledge.

To test this theory, the scientists used the Hayling Sentence Completion Test. The test has a long history of use for measuring response time and impulse control. There are two parts to it: The first requires you to complete a sentence with the correct word, for example: “Please give me a glass of ____” would likely result in the person shouting out the answer “water”. The faster you respond with the correct word, the better, or so the logic goes. The second half is however the opposite, instead of saying “water” you must put in a nonsense word, for example “giraffe”. This tests your ability to suppress a response while simultaneously seeing how quickly you can come up with another one. Again, lower times would be considered better. An incorrect word in the first part, or using the naturally correct word in the second part, counts as an error.

There are 15 questions for each part, and the results of the study show that the Modafinil group was virtually identical to the placebo control group in terms of errors made. But the Modafinil group was considerably slower to provide answers in both parts of the test. Thus, the researchers claimed Modafinil provides no cognitive improvement in this task, which confirmed their original hypothesis.

Modafinil has been purported to improve concentration, focus, and memorization of material being studied. These are the effects that are most commonly reported by users who submit reviews to this blog as well as many other websites selling Modafinil. Reaction time and response accuracy though are not usually cited as positive effects of Modafinil. Users generally don’t report having all the right answers as if by magic during a test, nor do they report flying through tests with impeccable accuracy.

This leads to my main qualm with this scientific study: It disproves something that few (if any) people were claiming in the first place. The only new information that it definitively offers is that your responses will be delayed by a few seconds in situations demanding an immediate answer, and that those answers will not show any noticeable improvement. People aren’t taking Modafinil in hopes of blazing through exams with flying colors. Rather, they take it to prepare for those exams.

Modafinil users consistently report increased retention of information from study sessions, noting that those sessions are usually longer, more productive, and less interrupted by distractions. Effectively it allows a person to absorb more information in one sitting than would otherwise be possible. From there, you regurgitate that information naturally as you would anything else that you have learned.

This test however does not attempt to measure your ability to retain new information. Rather, the answers to the questions on the test are of a “common knowledge” nature, essentially things that everyone already knows. Modafinil was not expected to help in this area, and this was confirmed. These results are now being twisted to suggest that Modafinil will not help you in any way with any of your tasks. This however is simply untrue.

Contrary to Modafinil’s intended purpose, this test experimented on well-rested people of a typical demographic selection. Although Modafinil users come in all shapes and sizes, most of them have difficult schedules and heavy workloads. A more interesting study would be to see how patients do after a larger number of questions, for example 100 instead of 15. Likely as the placebo user gets more exhausted with a larger list of questions, the Modafinil user would probably hold up better. Perhaps a study testing patients after only getting 4 hours of sleep the night before would provide a better picture of how Modafinil benefits people.

This study misses the point of Modafinil. It isn’t supposed to make you smarter as if by magic. It cannot pull out a response if the information wasn’t there in the first place. Modafinil isn’t designed to make you lightning quick and deadly accurate. Instead, it’s designed to increase your capacity for activity. The experiment performed here ultimately discards Modafinil’s greatest asset, and labels it a dud by criticizing a function it never claimed to have.

The trouble with scientific data is that it’s very easy for people to twist to meet a personal agenda. This blog is dedicated to telling people the truth about Modafinil, from one honest user to another. I don’t pretend to be anything I’m not, and neither does Modafinil. This study does tell us something that Modafinil doesn’t do, and I commend the researchers for eliminating that possibility from the table. However, don’t be quick to write it off just because some other blog misinterprets that information to generate headlines.

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Modafinil in the Sports World

For fans of the UFC, you might have seen a report that has just recently come out with 4 athletes from the sport being suspended for violating the California State Athletic Commission’s substance abuse policy.

One of them, Rob Emerson, is a UFC veteran bantamweight fighter. He was busted for using Modafinil. Modafinil has been placed on the banned substances list of most athletic associations, dating all the way back to 2004.

Yet Rob is not the first, nor even the most high-profile person to be punished for using Modafinil. Kelil White, a US Female Olympian had her medals stripped away and her wins annulled back in 2004 for positive tests involving Modafinil. She was suspended for two years and subsequently retired.

Barry Bonds, one of the biggest targets in the BALCO doping scandal in baseball, admitted to using Modafinil as well as other performance enhancing drugs.

So why is Modafinil being taken by athletes from a wide variety of major sports?

Few athletes will outright discuss the issue of course, as there are likely many who have taken substances illicitly and would prefer to maintain anonymity. It’s widely known that within the sports world athletes do whatever it takes to gain an advantage over their peers. Sports is perhaps the most highly competitive arena, and slowing down means fading away. Star NFL Cornerback, and 2014 Super Bowl Champion Richard Sherman stated in a Reddit interview that “about half of the players have taken Adderall“.

If harder stimulants are being used to gain an advantage, then why wouldn’t a more modest one like Modafinil be likewise applied?

User reviews have mentioned that taking Modafinil makes physical activity easier. Stamina is increased, pain is decreased. Combined with the additional focus that Modafinil provides, workout sessions can be much longer and more productive. This gives the athlete a decisive advantage on the field. Modafinil’s increased focus could even be beneficial during athletic performances as well.

Most sports leagues employ random drug testing, and so many players are willing to take the risk and assume that they won’t be caught taking banned substances. Richard Sherman’s statement would suggest that most players do in fact get away with it. Another report claims that at least 10% of NFL players have used steroids at one time or another. The low number of players that are actually caught, and the vagueness of press releases combines to form a situation where we honestly don’t know the depth of the situation. However it’s clear that gaining an advantage in sports has always been an issue.

If you’re a member of an athletic program in a university or in a professional setting, keep in mind that Modafinil is a banned substance worldwide. Even American WBNA star Diana Taurasi was banned for using Modafinil in a Turkish league. Use caution, and consider the risk. Is it worth losing your career for a slight advantage?

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Professional athlete using Modvigil

Here is another True User Review in the A MODified Life series. This series highlights how Modafinil can revolutionize your life from top to bottom. Here’s a very interesting example:

Where do I begin? I’m a former professional athlete who’s always had issues maintaining focus. I felt like it was so much easier when I was in my teens, but along the way something happened. My grades began to drop, I couldn’t maintain my focus on things that didn’t absolutely call for my attention. I have an IQ worthy of MENSA but it always seemed like my execution did not match the planning behind it all. I’d write lists and lists and lists of things to do, but would never really complete them. I’d find something else to do. I dropped out of Pre-Med and never continued with school.

Fast forward 15 years and many failed businesses later, and I was still feeling the same fog and lack of that “fire” inside. I managed to make a hell of a decent living, but I always knew I could do so much more if I was back to my old self.

Like many others, after watching the movie Limitless, I did a bit of research and came across Modafinil. It seemed like an answer to all of my problems! I quickly got my hands on it and life has never been the same.

I began with 100mg and increased all the way up to 400mg over the next couple weeks to test my reaction to it. It seemed the optimal dose (for me) was 1-200 mg taken with my breakfast. Without sounding cliche, it has completely changed my life. I feel like I got several years worth of pending “to-do’s” done in the first few weeks of taking it alone. Everything is so much more clear to me again. I have the DESIRE to get things accomplished and can actually sit there until the job is done without feeling the need to wander off and do something else more enjoyable. I even began studying again, this time at an Ivy League school. So far, I have straight A’s! It’s incredible the new outlook on life I have. My businesses? I have easily tripled my income and lessened the amount of work I do on a daily basis. I’ve outsourced a lot of my tasks and begun to work on the bigger picture items. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you sit down and just THINK. No distractions, no mental fog, just you and pure thought process. It’s AMAZING. Not to say that this little pill is the magic cure for it all, but for somebody like me who has the intelligence and lacks the gas in the engine, it has been nothing short of a miracle for me. No jitters, no real side effects. I sleep fine.

Nowadays, I only take it 2-3x a week on days that I choose to get most of the week’s work done with. I feel a spillover effect on days that I’m not taking it as well. Everybody reacts differently and a lot of people don’t even need this, but I wouldn’t suggest trying it out if you felt you were in a similar situation to mine.

This submission accurately describes the mental state that Modafinil gives you. And you can clearly see that it had a remarkable impact on the user’s work and study, in short it changed his life. A fantastic read. 

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Modup’s Modvigil Modifies My Life

Here is another review in the A MODified Life series of True User Reviews. This series is dedicated to showing how Modafinil can benefit your life in numerous aspects, not just work and education.

When it comes to the modafinil game, is the only choice worth mentioning. I started with modafinil about 5 months ago, I take it irregularly(2-400mg 3-4x/week), but have found that it has had profound effects on me as an employee and a person. Working shifts of 12-14 hours, I found that I’d often leave work ravished and exhausted. This left me incapable of even eating healthily in the evenings and I stayed lethargic throughout the following days off. No more, my friends, no more. I cannot say that modafinil is a panacea or even right for everyone, but my experience with it has honestly been profound.

I work, able and active, mentally aware and focused on my tasks, I rarely waver and enjoy the groove I find. It’s good, I get a lot done and I’m happy for that– but it doesn’t compare to the difference it’s made in the rest of my life. I get home and read, I’ve finally gotten back into exploring cooking for myself, I go backpacking and hiking nigh every weekend. The tiredness during work can be simulated with caffeine or Adderall, but the retained mental energy is breathtaking. Since I started, I’ve been so active and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that, I’m growing as a person again, and doing so while enjoying and being more productive at work.

It may seem small, but big things are often gradual and the persistence and joy I’ve found in these new explorations have made me approach so much of my life in a way more positive, unprecedentedly proactive manner. is a fantastic company with astounding customer support. I’m looking forward to continuing building my relationship with modafinil, and I’m happy to have a company with their dedication behind me. Thank you Sophie and pass my thanks on to Abby Sweeting, who helped me once before!

This is probably one of my favorite submissions because of all the little things that Modafinil has affected. From eating better to personal hobbies, Modafinil opened up doors that had been closed. Simply a great example of how Modafinil can be beneficial for everyone.

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Cryptocurrency trader using Modvigil

Here’s another True User Review, the 5th in our Getting Work Done series. Here we have a complex job situation, and once again Modafinil is ready to meet the challenge head on.

For the past 2 years, I have worked as an arbitrage network specialist, or in other words, a FOREX and cryptocurrency trader. Because of the nature of the worldwide markets, it is not uncommon for me to have to stay up all night, or pull irregular hours, in order to track the development of the global market. Furthermore, it is critical that my mind be alert, laser focused, and unimpaired during these times of little sleep, so that I can promptly react to market trends in a profitable fashion. Sleeping, or even just being half asleep, through critical market movements, is the fastest way for a trader to lose his or her whole trading fund.

It is for precisely this reason that I have found Modafinil to be an extremely valuable asset to my lifestyle and my work. Modafinil allows my problem solving and critical thinking skills to perform at their peak (and above!) when I need them most, even when I am running low on sleep and energy. Living as a full-time currency trader is a high-stress occupation, especially when one has to juggle watching the markets, with family, and other obligations. It is not an exaggeration to say that I would not be able to do what I do, at the same level, without the benefit of taking Modafinil.

Furthermore, MODA does not have nearly as many undesirable side effects as do other popular stimulants, and the price is such that it fits well within my budget. In fact, after utilizing Modafinil for several months, I have yet to have any negative side effect. The only physical side effect I have noticed is increased thirstiness, however, I would not even consider this a bad thing as drinking more water is always a good thing for one’s health. The mental clarity it gives me is unattainable through other stimulants or methods, and lets me perform my work at the highest possible level. Not only does it fill in the gaps when I am tired and/or low on sleep and energy, but even when I am well rested, I still find Modafinil super helpful as a study, work, and concentration aid.

If it were not for Modafinil, and the ready availability provided through your website (, it would be impractical, if not impossible, for me to maintain my chosen lifestyle and source of income. My thanks and appreciation go out to the whole team for your professional service and great product!

Another great review. Could anyone possibly have worse hours than a FOREX specialist? The global economy never stops, and now neither does this reviewer. 

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A new generation with Modvigil

This is another review in our A MODified Life series of True User Reviews. These reviews show how Modafinil can impact your life in a roundabout positive way.

The amount of knowledge student have to know now, compared to twenty, even ten years ago has exponentially increased. Knowing everything about something is impossible. However there is a way to come close, or use what you do know efficiently. Modafinil. Being a law student is not a joke these days- not that it once was, and once you get to the career stage it doesn’t get any easier. Adderall is pretty commonplace for students in academia, but things like modafinil are newer to the landscape.

The amount of reading amassed to us during the course of our schooling is insane, and it’s very easy for my mind to just slip away while studying. Playing catch-up is not fun and traps you in a perpetual cycle. I have been caught in these, as I’m sure many have, and it’s hard to just stay afloat. After seeing modafinil in use by a fellow student. I did my due diligence, and gave it a try. Modafinil can be expensive, but all in all, the cost isn’t exorbitant.

I’m a health nut, and am very cautious about what I put in my body. Although there hasn’t been much research regarding the long term effects of modafinil, I went ahead and tried it. The effect it had was pretty immediate. Sometimes medication takes a couple weeks before one can start to notice any effect. Modafinil works in extraordinary ways. This does sound cliché, but it does. Modafinil help you operate at 110%. It put you in the zone. You feel alive, motivated, more eager to push yourself, and very confident.

It does all of this without necessarily altering you state of mind. I find myself extremely reasonable, alert and conscious of the decisions I make, but also calm and collected. I initially thought that it might put you on a “high” and was skeptical about it boosting my functionality, even after reading everything I did about Modafinil. But Modafinil has proved its test against time, and continues to help me in my academics and help out with the little bit of anxiety I did have, making me more confident in myself.

As far as side effects go, I have not really experienced any; which may be because of my healthy diet. Overall, Modafinal seems to be a truly helpful supplement to my life, and isn’t something I believe can be abused. The best part about modafinil is that it doesn’t keep your brain hyper overdrive. I can go to sleep whenever I want and feel refreshed when I wake. This is just my experience; many have had theirs similar to mine, while others may not.

This review gave its author the ability to take control of his demanding schedule and difficult workload. But it also didn’t alter his existing life choices. A self-proclaimed health nut called Modafinil a ‘supplement’. This just goes to show how you can improve the areas of your life that are giving you some difficulty, while simultaneously preserving the good things you are already doing. 

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Ambitions, Dreams and Success All Thanks to Modafinil.

Here is another True User Review. This review on Modafinil and Education shows how Modafinil was used to help a dedicated graduate student finish his demanding research project.

I am a fulltime graduate student working on my masters in Theoretical Physics. I consider it to be my full time job, taking classes, studying and conducting research. I receive a small stipend from the University, however it does not cover the full cost of attendance and living expenses. The University I attend is very competitive; and in my field, in order to be the best, you have to be fully engaged. But unfortunately, in order just to have the bare necessities to survive, one must have the monetary compensation to do so.

To cover these costs I moonlight at a warehouse working in an assembly line packaging cellular devices. The hours are long, and physically exhausting. When I get home, I sleep for 5 hours and then get up and start all over again. Eventually the exhausting catches up.

The lack of sleep affected my ability to fully perform at an optimal level. I was behind on my research, and anyone who is in research knows the time, the commitment, and the blood sweat and tears that is involved. I was frustrated; exhausted that I was not able to progress and meet certain deadlines I had placed.

To get through the day, barely feeling alive, I had to drink several large cups of coffee. But coffee always left me with a very uneasy jittery feeling, and at times was the direct antithesis to feeling alert. A friend of mine suggested I try Modafinil to provide energy. It was the best suggestion I had ever received.

I had the energy and optimal concentration needed to accomplish everything on my day-to-day list! Before I was introduced to Modafinil, I felt very discouraged regarding my future. I contemplated dropping out of the graduate program several times, and accepting defeat. But this has helped me and provided a viable path to continue in the pursuit of my goals. I will be graduating next May with full honors, and have accepted a fellowship at the very prestigious CERN. I owe my current success and most definitely my future success to Modafinil.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away was the old adage. Today’s adage is 200 mg a day of Modafinil keeps the ambitions on track, and paves the way for the upper echelons of success! It has been two years now and my research is moving along wonderfully. Everything that I need to get done gets accomplished, and I fully utilizing my time efficiently and effectively. I sleep for 5 hours a night and I wake up refreshed. There is no feeling of anxiety, confusion, or lethargy. There’s no feeling of “I can’t do this” or “I’m tired.”

200 mg a day has made a significant difference in my life between failure and achiever. In my experience, I have felt no adverse affects, nor do I find it necessary to take when my days are not hectic. I take 200mg in the morning with sufficient water. I eat right, I sleep well, and I feel good. In other words, I strongly recommend Modafinil.

What I love about this review is the massive difficulty of the task at hand. Not only was the user working in addition to studying, but also he was engaged in a very stressful and involved research project that under the circumstances was impossible! Modafinil made it happen. 

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Surfer using Modvigil

Another True User Review in our A MODified Life series. These reviews show how Modafinil can affect the quality of your life in many ways. Reviews come to us from Reddit users and directly to our email. Feel free to send us your experience. 

After developing a pattern whereby I functioned with minimal rest working a 4 day 10-12 hour graveyard shift for 9 years I was unable to return to a normal existence when I desired to. I changed jobs and even selected vigorous physical work that would exhaust me enough to sleep through the night. I soon acclimated to the hard work and hours yet still could not sleep when I wanted and needed to.

My mental acuity suffered as well as my outlook on life. I have read that the military refers to the prolonged sleepless mental state as ‘the zone.’ I was able to function well enough but life was gray, flat and losing more of the spark as time went on. I would have moments when I would feel positive and happy but they were rare and easily wiped away by daily events.

A good metaphor for life is surfing. Waves of opportunity ebon and flow. My ability to catch them let alone appreciate or ride one for any duration diminished. Modafinil (200mg start, then 100mg every 4 hours) returns me to ground zero. I am on a level playing field with life. I am not so easily made aware of things that would otherwise make me feel sad, mad, depressed or pessimistic. I am able to appreciate things and enjoy the moment. Mental acuity is enhanced. My sinuses even open up. The world is lighter both in terms of illumination and weight.

The effect is subtle yet profound. It is not a ‘high’ it is a ‘level of balance.’ I have not experienced any side effects and there is not an overhead. By overhead I mean there isn’t a price to pay like sluggishness, hangover, slurred speech, dizziness, depression, dulling of any senses, distracting mental preoccupations like hallucinations, lust, ‘stoned out’ drones, etc. I don’t have to be concerned about operating machinery or driving a motor vehicle. It is exclusively productive, life-enhancing and focused.

I can still go to sleep having taken it 2 hours earlier. I can sleep if I desire or I can work with a clear and rested state of mind. It depends on what I want to do. I can direct my attention either way.

I needed to go 48 hours without sleep. With the Modafinil, I was able to catch a wave and ride it out. The effect is definitely mental more than physical. My body was tired and vulnerable as time went on without rest. However I remained happy, inspired and optimistic. Typically, I would have been able to go 48 hours without the sleep but I would have been in a gray drone and felt the emotionally draining impact of life’s responsibilities.

Being able to tread water and appreciate the waves, experiencing the mental clarity, heightened thinking and optimism makes me happy about life and empowers me to invite good things into my life. It is a result-based happiness and not an effortless euphoria induced by a chemical.

A lovely surfing metaphor highlights how Modafinil can change the way you look at life’s experiences. Also this review shows how Modafinil can be very beneficial for people with complex schedules. 48 hours without sleep is virtually impossible without some help, and Modafinil is quite possibly the safest route for a situation like this one.

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Modvigil in the city that never sleeps

This is the first True User Review in our A MODified Life series. This series aims to show just how Modafinil can benefit your personal life and change the way you live. True User Reviews come to us from Reddit as well as personal email. Send us yours!

All of my life I have lived in New York, “the City that never sleeps”. It’s a place that can be draining on your sleep schedule and tempt you with many distractions. While in college, I struggled mightily with maintaining a proper sleep schedule due to my commute. My sleeping problems led to difficulty focusing on coursework, among other things. About halfway through college I was recommended Modafinil to help balance out my sleep schedule and help me maintain focus during the day.

After a few days of taking it, I noticed a significant improvement. Not only was I no longer groggy and lethargic for my morning commute, but, in my early classes, I was able to pay attention better than I was before, and within a few weeks, I noticed a significant improvement in my grades. Moreover, at night, I was able to get a good night’s sleep once the Modafinil wore off. More than anything else, it helped restore some balance to my sleep schedule and left me feeling alert during the day, and contributed to the overall quality of my sleep at night.

Today I work in a retail environment that is fast-paced and hectic. I frequently find that I show up to work alert and ready to go, whereas some of my coworkers require 2 or 3 cups of coffee before they feel like they’re “alert”. A few years ago, I would have been the one behind the sales counter who was groggy, out of focus, and inattentive to detail. Fortunately, that is not the case today.

For me, Modafinil has done wonders in terms of helping restore balance to my life, improving my productivity, and allowing me to carry out my day with focus, attention, and alertness, without any of the jitters or unpleasant side effects of other similar medications. If you find that your work-life balance is out of balance, Modafinil may just help you get back on track.

More productive hours means more quality time later in the day. This review shows us how Modafinil can tip the scales of life in your favor, leading to a more satisfying experience in every facet of your life.

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Neuroscience PhD Weighs in on Modafinil

Another True User Review illustrates how Modafinil can help you in multiple facets of your life. Part of our Getting Work Done series, this review highlights how you can improve the quality and quantity of your work with Modafinil. 

I am a 29 year old neuroscience postdoctoral researcher. Let me start by saying that I am extremely sensitive to the amount of the sleep that I get during the night. In fact, I need at least 8 hours of sleep in order to be able to have a clear head during the day. Anything less than that, I am guaranteed to be a zombie!

Back in 2008 and during my PhD program, there was a period that I had to stay up late and work in the lab after midnight once or twice every week. I could barely get more than 4 hours of night sleep on such days. Besides the acute “zombifying” effects of sleep deprivation, I started to experience a more serious problem: during the span of the several months that followed, my sleep pattern started to become very disorganized. One night I would suffer from insomnia, the other night I would sleep for 12 hours, etc. As a result, my overall energy level during the days started to significantly decline, along with a very noticeable all-day grogginess. The issue became so disabling that I had to seek medical help for that. My primary care doctor diagnosed my problem as a mild case of shift work sleep disorder, and suggested that I try Modafinil. In retrospect, this turned out to be the best advice I had received in my whole life!

I started taking Modafinil (100 mg/day) in the late 2008. As Rx’ed, I took it right after waking up and guess what? Instant disappearance of grogginess within 30 minutes, and as awake as I could ever be! As a “bonus”, I even felt more alert than how I used to be, with even more motivation and energy to work all day. Modafinil also regulated my sleep pattern (tip: never take it after noon, or you will be still wide awake by midnight). After a year of taking Modafinil, some of the “bonus” effects started to slowly disappear. I asked my primary care physician to up my dose to 200 mg/day and he agreed. The extra motivation and alertness instantly returned. I kept taking my prescribed Modafinil at the steady 200 mg/day dose for the next three years, without the need to up my dose again. I believe once you find the right dose, you can stick to that for good.

The increased drive and productivity helped me finish my degree program in give years, almost a year sooner than I had expected. After getting my PhD, I moved to California to start a postdoctoral program. I visited my new primary care doctor and gave him my history of Modafinil use. Fortunately (or unfortunately?), my new work did not involve unusual hours, and the new doctor suggested that I’d better discontinue my Modafinil regimen. I stopped taking Modafinil after four years for daily usage. Fortunately, I did not experience any withdrawal symptom (expect for being a bit groggy for the first week). As you may imagine, however, I did miss the “bonus” effects of Modafinil on my work and my “enhanced” self.

There was no medical need for Modafinil in my case anymore… but do we have to take medicines only to fix a problem? What if a medicine can make us a better version of ourselves? Since I had already taken Modafinil for four years and without any side effect, I was fairly comfortable to disagree with my doctor’s suggestion. I was able to purchase the generic Modafinil online at a very reasonable price, close to the co-payment I used to pay to the pharmacy when I had a prescription for it. I took the first pill with a lot of skepticism. After all, it came from an online vendor, and not a pharmacy! I was glad to find that the potency and effects of the online Modafinil (Mfg. by Sun Pharma) was exactly like the brand Provigil I used to take. I have been taking the Modafinil purchased online since Sep 2013, and I plan to continue to take it. Modafinil makes me a more productive and a happier person!

What I really appreciate from this review is the methodical and safe way that this user approached his dosage. When used as indicated Modafinil can be extremely helpful, and clearly it was beneficial in this case. 

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