True User Reviews

Welcome to the True User Reviews section of the Modvigil blog. Here we will continually update this page with reviews submitted to us by real people who have tried modafinil.

Experiences have been categorized into separate areas so that you can search for a review that closely resembles your situation. Find out if modafinil is right for you!

Modafinil and Education

High school, Undergrads, and PhDs alike benefit from Modafinil

Modafinil and a Master’s Degree

Improving Grades with Modafinil

A Freshman Studying and Working

A Year of Modafinil vs Other Stimulants

Finishing Research while Working

Getting Work Done

Whether it’s 9 to 5 or the graveyard shift, these reports show how Modafinil helps you at the workplace.

Knocking out a Project with Energy to Spare

Modafinil Affects Office Work and Personal Work

Modafinil Improves Work and Transforms Life

Neuroscience PhD Weighs in on Modafinil

Cryptocurrency and FOREX Trader Finds Success

A MODified Life

For those who just want to know how Modafinil can revolutionize your personal life and well being.

Modafinil Fixes your Work-Life Balance

Catching the Waves of Life on Modafinil

Staying Healthy while Studying

Modup’s Modvigil Modifies My Life

Modvigil and a Professional Athlete

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