WHYPHY, Why you Shouldn’t Try to Find It.

Recently we talked about the latest movie-related fake drug craze, CPH4, the star of the film Lucy. Despite evidence pointing out how this drug is not only completely unreal but also potentially harmful to order and use, people are still searching for it. We have a natural attraction to the big screen. Everyone you know probably has a few favorite quotes from movies, or a beloved character from a specific film. But it’s important to know where to draw the line between reality and Hollywood.

The newest fake drug to be featured is WHYPHY (pronounced Wi-Fi), a prominent part of the sequel to 21 Jump Street. For the uninitiated, 21 Jump Street rebooted the old 80s TV series into a full length feature film, adding plenty of comedic moments along the way. The movie was a hit, and spawned a sequel: 22 Jump Street. This time, the police duo goes into universities and is trying to take down a drug ring producing and selling WHYPHY
WHYPHY stands for “Work Hard Yes, Party Hard Yes.” The fictitious drug is described in the movie as a mix of Adderall, Ecstasy, and “God knows what else.” The name describes its effects fairly clearly. After dosing, you become laser-focused for about 4 hours, after which the “party” phase kicks in and you’ll be able to engage in all sorts of drunken revelries “like it’s 1999” per the film.

So let’s look at the “Work Hard Yes” half of this drug’s purported function. Supposedly this is explained by the Adderall. Adderall is an amphetamine based drug that has been available for prescription since the 90s but truly was launched into the mainstream in the 00s. Adderall in its regular form lasts for about 6 hours, with 4 hours of peak effects. Its original designation was to help young people who have ADHD to focus and be more productive. To that end, it’s been proven to be highly effective and has achieved a reputation as an excellent way to mitigate and control ADHD symptoms.

Having seen these effects, many students have found themselves experimenting with Adderall as a study drug. It’s also been found to be quite common as a recreational drug, as some people find it reminiscent of cocaine. This type of use is unhealthy and can be addictive. Regardless, in the USA roughly 7.5% of students in the 12th grade report having used Adderall for recreational purposes or for performance enhancement.

So this part of the WHYPHY drug makes some sense. Logically if you took Adderall, you could find yourself focused for 4 hours and still have energy left over to “Party Hard Yes.” But could a drug actually do both in one dose?

Here we can see the main problem with WHYPHY. The description given mentions Ecstasy. Of course this is referring to the popular drug at parties and raves which is almost universally known at this point in time. Ecstasy has a fairly short duration of 3-4 hours and takes effect within 1 hour after dosing. This means that the effects of Ecstasy would completely coincide with those of Adderall. Given that Ecstasy and Adderall both stimulate the nervous system, this has the potential for seriously harmful side effects such as increased heart rate or hyperthermia. In addition, the effects of Ecstasy would probably be reduced somewhat because of the focusing effect of the Adderall in the mix.
Either way, the reaction that you would get in real life would be completely unlike what was seen in the film 22 Jump Street.

While it’s impossible to speculate what other drug might fall into the “God knows what else” category, the cavalier attitude with which the film discusses the subject is concerning. Mixing drugs can be very dangerous, and under no circumstances should you combine various types of drugs to achieve a sort of high or state of mind. Combinations of chemicals can overwhelm the enzymes in the body used to process those same drugs. This can create a situation where the effects of the drug are felt much more strongly than under normal dosing conditions. This isn’t even limited to drugs; Grapefruit juice is known to interact with hundreds of medicines and can be hazardous to combine with both pharmaceuticals and narcotics alike.

As far as buying WHYPHY goes, the drug itself doesn’t really exist. After all, it’s impossible to know what it contains as the movie doesn’t go much farther into the specifics. If you have found a vendor claiming to sell WHYPHY, you should proceed with extreme caution. Firstly, if you were to get the chemicals used in the drug according to the film, your experience would be nothing like the one shown on screen. Secondly, chances are much higher that you’d receive something else entirely. This could be something inert and inactive, or it could be something that DOES have an effect, making you believe you bought the right thing. Would you want to take something whose ingredients are labeled “God knows what else”?

There are much more efficient ways to get your work done and have a good time after. If the “Work Hard Yes” part of WHYPHY interests you, then check out our follow up article: “Work Hard Yes. Here’s How”

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